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MW 05 Spec Cap FX
Give your Mustang the look of having a custom fuel door. Easy to install vinyl. Available in many colors including Carbon fiber look.

Price $10


MW Stripe and Cap FX shown in black above.

How To Install:

Carefully peel back off sheet. Be sure to support center circle area. Spray down Cap FX insert with soapy water. The center circle area is supported by 4 spars for easier installation.
You can cut these away carefully after drying for a floating center cap look if you prefer.

Next spray down fuel door area. Then place insert on top and carefully slide into place. Stand back and look at your fuel door at a distance and check it from all angles for best fit. If you are off you can lift it off and re-align before it dries.

BE SURE as your insert dries, that you hold it down in one area while pushing out air bubbles with your other hand. Best to assemble in the shade. Once dry, let it also dry in the sun for a day before washing the car.

Always check for air bubbles AS your cap insert dries and press them out before it completely dries.