1999 & 2000 17" Wheel Stripes

Pony insert & wheel stripes. Rear angle
Photo of 17" '99 GT rim with MW wheel stripes

These stripes are pre-cut to fit exactly into the area of the factory 17" rims. The center cap can also be removed without damage to the stripes.

The stripe kit includes 5 extra stripes, 25 in all, enough to do 4 rims plus one extra rim or for use as backup. The stripes are available in many colors.


With a soapy water solution (a tea spoon of dish soap for the whole spray bottle shown), spray down and wash the area. Make sure it's clean.

After you've cleaned the area, spray the soapy water liberally on the recessed area. Get it completely soaking wet with this dish soap water solution.

Spray down
Next carefully peel a stripe off the backing sheet. Peel stripe

Lay the stripe into the recessed area of the rim. The soapy water solution will allow you to slide and maneuver the stripe into place.


Take a step back and look at how the stripe looks. You have a few minutes so take your time. Re-adjust and slide the stripe so it does not interfere with the center cap.

Adjust if needed

After each stripe is laid in place, you can roll your stang a bit to check them at different rotation angles. Slide them around or adjust if needed.

Pony insert also installed


Check your work

Once everything is in place you can step back and check your work. Readjust any stripes if you need to.

If you notice any air bubbles, you can squeeze them out while the stripes are drying.

Side shot

Allow 24 hours for the stripes to fully dry on the rims before blasting them with water, etc. You can drive your stang after the stripes dry overnight. Hot weather or parking in the sun speeds up the drying time considerably.

Let dry for 24 hours.

That's it !

Extra notes (read):
Take your time !!! Don't rush. The MW wheel stripe kit INCLUDES 5 EXTRA stripes in case of a mishap or for future use. Beyond that, we can not be responsible for botched installs.

If you are working outside, then make sure it's not windy out. It's harder to handle the stripes when the wind is blowing them around.

Try to work in a shaded area or out of the sun, the stripes may stretch as they are peeled from the backing sheet if they were laying in the sun for a long time or if they are HOT. Make sure the stripes are COOL before peeling them off the backing sheet. Once the stripes are in place, parking or moving your stang into a sunny spot will dry them faster.