For 94 - 99 Mustang Coupe and Convertibles
(power windows and non-power window versions available)

Here's a unique product that allows you to have colored arm rests in your stang for a fraction of the cost of a traditional trim kit and without painting.

They are also easy to install and for about the same price as a large pizza you can add a custom look to your stang !

Door Jamz Yellow w/closed loop
Door Jamz driver side shown in yellow w/CLOSED loop above mirror control.

Door Jamz white w/open loop
Door Jamz driver side shown in white w/OPEN loop above mirror control.

What you get in the MW Door Jamz kit:
The kit includes a colored clock pod insert (1), arm rest inserts for the driver (2) and passenger side (1). The driver side includes a 2 piece design with a floating mirror control joystick insert that can be installed as well. BOTH the open loop and closed loop designs for the driver side are included in the kit ! This is because our tests show that some might find the closed loop version a little harder to install, so we included both. So you can install either version of the driver side because you do get both in the kit.

Note: All the pieces in the kit are the SAME COLOR (clock pod and armrest inserts), in the how-to below we show a white and a yellow kit.

Clock Pod
Also includes matching clock pod insert for stangs that have it.

Let's go ahead and install a set.


Carefully peel the insert from the backing sheet and spray with soapy water. You can also fill up a glass of soapy water and dip it in. Get the Door Jamz insert wet with this solution.

Spray w/soapy water

Next apply the insert to the arm rest area. Shown in the pic is the mirror joystick control piece already installed.

Note: The convertible kit has a different layout of the buttons. The kit shown here is for the Mustang coupe.


Now align the buttons for the door lock and window controls. You can slide the insert around as you need to.

The CLOSED LOOP version might be harder to install for some, but it can be done fairly easily, just take your time and you will get it just right :-)


As the insert dries you will NEED to press out the bubbles AS it dries. Best to use one finger to hold it in place and another to press any bubbles out to the edges of the insert.

If you found you messed up, you can peel and re-stick the insert at this time as well (while wet). Note here the mirror joystick piece can be removed if you want for different looks (shown in photo removed).

Press out bubbles
Again as it dries, make sure to press out any remaining bubbles. Here is the completed CLOSED LOOP driver side insert in yellow. Finished Closed loop

Here is a photo of the OPEN LOOP driver side insert in white. If you find the closed loop version to hard to install, you can install the open loop.

We call this "open loop" because you might notice at the top of this insert it looks like a coat hanger (open loop).

Finished open loop

Here is the passenger side MW door Jamz insert (in white). In the kit you get all the same color. In this how-to we showed different colors.

Passenger side

A customized Stang for about the same cost as a large pizza !
The MW Door Jamz kit matches our Gauge pod insert kit nicely. Our goal with the Door Jamz kit design was not to compete with $400 wood or real carbon fiber trim kits, it was to offer the enthusiast a cheaper (but very effective) alternative to getting a custom look in their stang. Also, remember removal is as easy as peeling them off, there is no permanent adhesive to worry about. They do a good job of protecting the upper arm rests from greasy hands and soft drink spills as well !

MW Door Jamz and Gauge pod insert kit. Gauge pod kit sold separately.

That's it ! Now go out and enjoy your ride !