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Gauge Pod Inserts for '94 - '04 Mustang.
Give your Mustang a custom look. This product is installed on top of the clear plastic lens.
Price $15


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SPECIAL COLORS (Carbon Fiber Look, etc):
Gauge Pod Insert for 94 - 04 Mustang
This high quality piece is cut from vinyl. Peel and stick. Available for base, V6, GT and COBRA.
Price $18



Gauge Pod Inserts !Gauges Lit up
Photo of gauge inserts in white on factory stock gauge pod '96. Gauge pod lit up.

Install update notes :

We have simplified the install to basically be 1) Remove the outer bezel. 2) Stick on the pod using a small amount of soapy water. No removal of the gauge pod electronic unit or lens is needed. We'll be updating this install to illustrate this new procedure. You can read below to get an idea of what how the product is installed however.

Thicker material used
Gauge insert close up.

That's right, they install ON TOP of the clear pod cover !
We spent many hours designing the kit so that it can be installed ON TOP of the clear plastic lens and not obscure any of the gauges in the pod. This allows for a much easier installation and gives your factory gauges a deeper custom look ! More on why we designed it this way after the install.

Let's go ahead and install one.

NOTE: Many people have installed the gauge pod inserts WITHOUT removing the pod. They were just VERY careful not to spay the pod with water, but rather lightly spray the gauge pod insert itself and stick it on the pod while it's in place in your stang. If you are going to to this, make sure you don't spray water onto the pod electronics and be careful. But it may save you some time because you do not have to remove the gauge pod from the stang. You can remove the outer bezel portion only to make things easier.


NOTE: You DO NOT have to remove the pod like this is you are careful.. see notes above.

The first step is to remove the gauge pod itself. More info on this can be found in the White Face Gauge How-To. We suggest you read it first on how to remove the pod and remove the pod cover plate.

Note: Practice re-installing the pod at this point ! See what it will take to maneuver the pod back into place. Top first and tilt-wheel full down.

See our White Face gauge how-to.

Separate the pod cover plate from the gauges. This is what we will be working on.

The clear lens is fused to the plate and very hard to remove without special tools, so our kit applies on top of the clear lens. It looks surprisingly good and very unique on the outside.

Pod cover plate

Now spray the whole face plate down with a soapy water solution.

Don't worry about getting water inside the pod, we'll be rinsing everything after the install is complete.

Spray down

Spread the soapy water solution around to have all areas on the clear face slick.

spread the soapy water
Using two hands, carefully peel back the gauge inserts. Do this nice and slow. You can spray the sticky surface with soapy water as you peel if you feel you need to. Carefully peel

Now carefully lay the insert onto the clear lens. You want to slide it back and forth to make sure the soapy water get's under the inserts to allow you to align it.

Spray more soapy water on it if you need to.

Lay it on

You need to align the insert is only 2 places to get a good fit. Position yourself at an angle to the faces. Center the middle up with the black pillar while standing looking at the pod dead center.

Horiz Center point #1

The height of the insert can be adjusted to suit your taste. We aligned the the insert so that it is almost touching the bottom of the trip reset button. If it's touching it, it's too high. You want it "just" not touching the reset button.

This adjustment needs to be checked on the pod to be sure it's where you want it.

Vertical center point

Make sure the pod cover you are working on if fairly dry on it's underside, then lay it on the pod. Check to see that you can see all the gauges and that everything is viewable from an "in front" seating position.

Again make sure it's not too wet when you do this ! If you find that it's off you can peel and re-stick it by using the soapy water again.

Test alignment on pod

Once you know the insert is down where you want it, you can begin gently pressing out any air bubbles you might see.

Continue to press out bubbles as the insert dries.

Press out bubbles

ONCE IT'S DRY, (a few hours later) you can rinse the pod cover gently under a sink. You can basically rinse the entire cover plate at this point, inside and out. The COVER ONLY not your entire electronic gauge pod of course !!

Gently dry the pod cover with a towel to avoid water spots. Make sure water is drained from the spring area on the trip reset switch.

Gently Rinse

Now just re-attach the cover to the gauge pod and re-install the pod into your stang. Make sure it's 100% dry.

CAREFUL ! Treat the insert with the same care as you would treat the clear lens surface. You want to TAKE YOUR TIME when reinstalling it, avoid scratching the insert and the clear lens. Hopefully you practiced this (like we mentioned in step 1).

Finished Install

Extra notes:

It Installs on the outside of the cover !
Our first design was for the gauge inserts to stick to the black ABS plate itself. However we ran into a snag that we believe everyone out there will also run into below:

The Clear Plastic cover is "fused" to the ABS back plate.
Our kit installs on top of the clear plate because of this


Ford did a great job fusing the clear plate to the black ABS plastic. Removing the clear lens plate without damage is something that most people might find hard to do. You can't pry it off because the clear plate will crack. It will have to be cut off with a tool or with a hot wire, etc. We wanted to keep the installation as simple as possible.


Some sample color pics:
Brushed Aluminum Pic (gauge pod)1, Pic (door jamz) 2,
and Pic (door Jamz) 3. (Brushed Aluminum and mirror material is a Polyester)

Carbon Fiber "look" Pic (94 - 00 Door Jamz) 1,
Pic (87 - 93 carbon close up) 2
. (Vinyl material).

Here is a Woodgrain Material Door Jamz photo


Adds a carbon fiber "look" in black

Adds a carbon fiber "look" in white

Adds a "mirror" chrome look

Adds a "mirror" gold look

Adds a silver look

Adds a gold look

Buckskin is a color close to the color of the late model TAN convertible tops and Saddle interiors (vinyl).

Purple is a color that looks like purple :-) (vinyl).

Orange is a color that looks like the Roush orange racing stangs. (vinyl).

Woodgrain is a color that looks like a glossy dark wood (vinyl)

Brushed Aluminum is a Polyester similar to the mirror colors but with a little less reflectance and an "etched" or brushed billet look . Polyester is a little less pliable than vinyl.

What's the difference between "Mirror Gold" and "Gold" ?
Mirror Chrome and Mirror Gold are colors that are like mirrors. You can see yourself in the reflection and are made of polyester.

Silver and Gold (non-mirror) have a slight metallic look to them but are not mirror like and are made of vinyl.